Tuesday 18th April, 2017

Introducing The Bytes CloudFlex Agreement - The Most Flexible Software Purchasing Solution

First there was CloudFlex from Bytes, the most secure and flexible Microsoft Office 365 solution. Now there is the Bytes CloudFlex Agreement, the most flexible software purchasing solution designed specifically for Microsoft Office 365 environments.

Put simply, CloudFlex contains every product, service and solution organisations need to successfully deploy, secure, support, and enhance their Office 365 environment and the Bytes CloudFlex Agreement is the mechanism through which to buy it. Simple!

Via a single Bytes CloudFlex Agreement, you can buy, flex and manage all of your cloud software – ensuring you have the right software and the right number of licenses necessary to keep your business competitive and operationally efficient.

The Bytes CloudFlex Agreement has been designed to give you the freedom to flex your cloud software purchases and associated services on a monthly basis, enabling you to immediately scale up or scale down your IT environment as your needs change.

Three reasons to sign up to a Bytes CloudFlex Agreement TODAY:

  • SAVE MONEY by only paying for what you need, immediately – simply flex up or down your software purchases as your needs change. Busy period? Hiring temporary employees? No problem – simply temporarily scale up the number of licenses you need, then as your employee numbers reduce, scale your licenses down again
  • SAVE CASH by paying for your software and associated services on a monthly basis. Need to use your cash for other things? No problem – simply pay for your software on a monthly basis and free up your capital for more pressing needs
  • SAVE TIME by avoiding lengthy contractual negotiations with each of your software vendors. Need to move quickly? No problem – buy and manage all of your software and associated services via a single agreement and take the hassle out of dealing with multiple suppliers

Start Small

Whilst you can put as many of your software and associated service providers into your Bytes CloudFlex Agreement, and by doing so start paying for them immediately on a monthly basis, we recognise that you will have existing agreements in place which may prolong this “big bang” full-portfolio switch-over approach. This isn’t a problem – simply start small. Choose a few vendors, maybe Microsoft, or one of your security vendors, or a backup vendor maybe, and start there.

The Next Step

To learn more about the Bytes CloudFlex Agreement, contact us today. You will be saving money, cash and time, in no time.

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