• We are consistent, open, honest and fair; we are always as good as our word.
  • We are motivated by Bytes goals and committed to achieving them.


  • We agree by polite discussion, exactly what will be done, by whom and by when.
  • We always agree how completion will be acknowledged.


  • We have a passion for active learning.
  • We learn from our own and other people’s experiences and we share our knowledge with our customers and colleagues.


    • We seize responsibility and do not let go.
    • We do not look for blame; we use our imagination to best effect taking pride in delivering quality work on time.


    • We work as a happy and well-organised team.
    • We appreciate other people’s perspectives before voicing our own and we go out of our way to help each other.


    • We work hard to achieve ambitious goals.
    • We appreciate our colleagues and always recognise their contribution.
    • Together, we pursue our career with the best organisation we have ever worked for.

    Bytes aims:

    • To provide a challenging, secure and fun environment, in which all of our stakeholders can excel.
    • Be recognised as a professional, high value IT services partner in all the fields in which we operate.

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