VMware NSX Technical Workshop

Join us on the 11th April for a VMware NSX Technical Workshop. This will be an interactive, white-boarding session to introduce the capabilities of NSX.

With Security being the primary use case, you’ll learn about the concept of Micro-segmentation (Zero-trust security) within the Data Centre, how we work with our ecosystem partners Checkpoint and Trend Micro and integrate with Advanced Security Services, such as IPS or IDS to achieve better security, simplify operations and speed up service delivery.

We will also describe how vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) will help with planning micro-segmentation and give you better control and visibility over your physical and virtual estate.

Based on feedback from our previous events, attendees gained the most value when there are members of infrastructure, networking, and security who attend the workshop together. Please do forward the details on to the relevant contacts in your organisation to gain the most form this workshop.

Please complete the registration form below and we will be in touch with further details (location, venue etc.)

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  • 09:00 Breakfast & Coffee
  • 09:30 Bytes Introduction
  • 09:45 NSX 101 Technical Overview
  • 11:15 Breakout / Open Discussion / Roundtable
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 13:00 NSX 3rd Party integration
    • Checkpoint
    • Trend Micro
  • 14:00 Planning Micro-Segmentation with vRealise Network Insight (vRNI):
  • 14:45 Conclusion

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