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Is your workplace future ready?

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, every change is a chance to be more responsive. At Bytes we strive to continually add value for our clients and as a result we can offer an Enterprise Networking Workshop to understand your workplace’s future readiness. By focusing on your goals our workshop can be tailored to discuss any specific Networking challenges/ plans you have for now and in the future.

The workshop will examine your current environment in terms of setup and current Network strategy to understand your business outcomes in greater detail. Our goal is to support you with efficiency, optimisation and cost reduction.

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Process of the workshop

The workshop consists of an informal meeting and will include a presentation covering network topics with an industry expert who will engage with you to share their expertise, general views and opinions. 

The latest network and cyber security scenarios, trends and threats will be discussed and how Bytes can help support the delivery of your business objectives will be documented post the session in the form of a summary report. 

We cover a wide range of topics


Network Policy & Procedures


Awareness & Education


Analysis of Existing Network Issues


Review of Networking Standards


Governance & Compliance


Business Continuity Management & Support


Resourcing Requirements

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Workshop Objective

Firstly we'll listen to your current challenges when it comes to your Networking strategy, then share current industry best practice that will support you in delivering that, which would include:

  • Understand current Networking market
  • Understand your current Network architecture
  • Discussion of the possible approaches in regards to lifecycle refresh

Our consultants have an extensive range of experience and managing networking teams, so the workshop will cover real world examples to help support your challenges.


Why Bytes offer this

Bytes' Enterprise Network Workshop reveals the best ways to achieve a sustainable Network Architecture.

What to Expect:

  • Forum for discussion
  • Can be delivered virtually
  • 2 hour engagement
  • Customer success plan
  • Continued support

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