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Expert Help to Wipe Out Avoidable Cloud Breaches

Bytes Cloud Clarity provides complete visibility of your public cloud assets & their compliance across Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud and Google Cloud.

Our expert consultants remove the hassle of cloud infrastructure compliance, providing you with detailed full tracking, benchmarking, visibility and reporting on the health of your assets in the public cloud – mitigating the misconfigurations which lead to cloud security gaps.

If you are seeking comprehensive compliance management and continuous enforcement of cloud best practices – look no further than Bytes

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Compliance without High Overheads or Complex Change Flows

This fully managed Cloud Clarity service provides monthly reporting and tracking of all of your cloud infrastructure security and compliance gaps, with remediation recommendations, so you can:

  • Assess & Improve Security Posture
  • Detect Misconfigurations
  • Model and Enforce Best Practice
  • Protect against Identity Theft
  • Prevent Cloud Data Loss

We also provide baselining of the improvement of your cloud security and compliance over time, so you can ensure a long-term benefit in compliance.

This Service Delivers

Regular managed reporting, analysis and baselining which provides an actionable step-by-step plan to improve your cloud security and compliance across:

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Cloud Assets Configuration

Identify which applications and workloads you have running on the cloud.

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Public Exposure Levels

Understand the applications and workloads that are public-facing and more vulnerable to threats.

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Network Topology

Review your network layout and understand areas prone to threat exposure.

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Security Groups

Discover and classify your security groups by varying exposure levels.

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Traffic and User Activity

Review how applications & workloads interact and the traffic associated.

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This service includes

  • Onboarding & management of cloud visibility platform for multiple clouds
  • An overview of any security issues that are identified by the platform
  • Monthly compliance reports and compliance benchmarking
  • Remediation steps against best practice from experts

In short, Bytes Cloud Clarity removes the internal time, cost and complexity of cloud security & compliance, making your cloud a safer and more compliant place.

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