AWS Cloud Management

Make sure your cloud always delivers on its full potential

Migrating to the public cloud can transform your business — but only if you get it right. With Bytes at your side, you can gain the full benefits and avoid the common pitfalls.

AWS Cloud Management from Bytes means you can make the most of the public cloud. You can move applications and workloads confidently and with your eyes open — because you'll see exactly what you own, what it costs and how to get the greatest value for your business, today and tomorrow.

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You get more from Bytes


Advice based on your goals


Predictive cost analysis


Tailored best fit solutions


Single tier support


Intuitive portal


Immediate cost savings

Already established in the cloud but looking for hidden efficiencies?

If you're already established in the cloud but you need to bring costs under control and maximise value, then ask us about Bytes AWS Optimisation Services.

Typically, this service is self-funding and delivers a strong ROI. It's a smart tactical move if you want to regain control of the public cloud — and reverse any trends toward rising costs and reduced visibility.

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Utilise our services to accelerate your business into the cloud

Bytes AWS Spot Services allows your business to go that extra mile and really optimise your workloads – without losing the uptime SLAs traditionally experienced when using Amazon’s Spot EC2 Instances.

We look for optimisation everywhere – not just within the public cloud – so this service will ensure everything is headed in the right direction.

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