AWS Optimisation Services

Consume the cloud, don't let it consume you

It's all too easy for AWS migrations to create IT sprawl, lack of visibility and spiralling costs – however, Bytes can help you to drive efficiency through your cloud strategy.

The cloud can bite back — taking ever-increasing mouthfuls of budget and time, as you try to make sense of the confusing costs within AWS bills. Maybe you know something is going badly wrong, yet you lack in-house cloud expertise and feel powerless to act?

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Take control in a way that costs you nothing

With Bytes AWS Optimisation Services, you can gain full visibility and control over the public cloud — using services that typically fund themselves and deliver a significant return on investment.

Save up to 30% on your AWS costs

We know the cloud…inside out. With Bytes, you can gain full visibility, take control and make key savings. We have leading expertise and a strong track record in managing and optimising cloud-based services for customers.

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Four services to step up your optimisation

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Cloud Snapshot

A free-of-charge service to highlight potential savings and security alerts

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Cloud Report

Full access and training to our cloud tool, detailed breakdowns and spend spike alerts to ensure you stay within your budget

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Cloud Optimise

Add on tagging policy support and implementation and a monthly review of our AWS architects’ recommendations

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Cloud Ignite

The full package – our AWS Architects will handle the implementation of their recommendations

Bytes AWS Optimisation Services at a glance

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