Managed Firewalls and Managed IPS

Firewall and IPS management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent breaches. IT teams are shrinking & workloads increasing but to “set and forget” your firewall or intrusion prevention is not an option.

Bytes' Managed Firewall and Managed IPS services provide businesses with the vital skills and knowledge to fully maximise and manage their existing technology and keep pace with the rising complexity of threats and cyber attacks.

This frees IT from the burden of implementing, monitoring and maintaining their firewall & intrusion prevention so they can concentrate on more strategic security issues.


Bytes Managed Firewalls ensure the optimal performance of your network infrastructure with 24/7 firewall administration, maintenance, rulebase management, backup and recovery.

IPS is a de facto security defence - however false positives and the need for daily signatures updates are real issues hampering its efficiency. Bytes Managed IPS addresses this issue and means your intrusion prevention is always up to date.

Why Businesses are Seeking Managed Firewalls and Managed IPS

Increased complexity - Increased FW/IPS functionality and rising threats needs more resource to manage

Lack of Specialist Skills - Specialist skills are difficult & costly to find externally and time-consuming to train internally

Need to Fully Use Limited IT budget - Investments become redundant or have limited effectiveness if not fully utilised and managed

Internal Task Overload - Small IT teams with increasing workloads find growing FW/IPS functionality difficult to manage

Rising system ‘noise’ - needs increased event correlation to ensure systems are not compromised or issues may be missed

24/7 Monitoring a Must - Threats don’t stop at 5pm. IT needs 24/7 vigilance. Investing 24/7 in in-house management is expensive

Managed Firewall & IPS Services

Firewall management is part of our DNA.
Our certified engineers provide the following services:

  • Firewall architecture planning
  • Device migration and deployment
  • Policy and rule-set management
  • Performance and availability management
  • Patch management
  • Backup and recovery

The Bytes Managed Firewall/ Managed IPS Service

24/7 Management

Infrastructure monitored, managed and maintained around the clock.

SLAs are applied with full notification and escalation processes

Next Generation Ready

We manage multi-layered stateful FW/IPS including application control, DDoS protection, IPS, sandboxing, VPN, remote access & other technologies

Scale & Flexibility

Set up to support differing capacity and service needs from the smallest business to the largest global Multinational company.

Quality Change Management

All policy amends follow change management processes and are assessed for risk & suitability by Bytes, providing an auditable change history

Pay as you use

No need to maintain firewall technologies. This responsibility is passed to the Bytes expert engineers in our global Security Operations Centre.

Accredited and Assured

Engineers are CISSP,
CCNS, CompTIA; ITIL V3; CoBIT 5.0 accredited with multiple vendor certifications - Check Point, Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, BlueCoat & more

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