Managed SOC

Security event information is difficult to consume, creating terabytes of data and noise impossible to work through manually. Raw data can only protect your business with the right analysis and correlation. This real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing can only be accomplished with BOTH Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) technology and a vigilant team of IT experts.

Investing in this in-house event analysis comes at a considerable running cost and requires the addition of skilled, hard to find, technicians. Given limited IT budgets, this falls outside the capabilities for many organisations. So they speak to Bytes about SOC as a Service.

Bytes Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides the security expertise, threat intelligence, efficiency & automation otherwise unavailable to organisations.

The Benefits of Bytes Managed SOC

Removes the need for a large CAPEX investment for an in-house SOC

No training or time burden on your internal team

Correlate logs from disparate sources to understand events in context

Comply with regulation and certification mandates with audit ready reports

Cost effective, easily deployed solution for monitoring and alerting

Protect your brand, assets & data by responding quicker to threats

Choose Bytes Managed SOC to Increase your Security Effectiveness

Our real-time global SOC is 24x7, scalable, compliant and cost effective and fully PCI, VISA and ISO Standard Compliant.

Our accredited expert engineers act as your own dedicated SOC team, available round the clock to monitor your logs and alert you when anything NEEDS to be brought to your attention.

You can concentrate on the issues which matter, add real value to the business and deal with risks quicker and more effectively.

Our 24x7 Security Monitoring is supported by mature ISO 9000/20000/27001 processes, experienced security engineers and award winning RSA Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) technology designed to clear out ‘noise’ and speed up time to detect issues.

As you invest in a service, we take care of the operation of the system. We combine market leading alerting technology with the right people to fully maximise that technology 24/7.


How Bytes Managed SOC works

You offload the painstaking task of log monitoring and threat correlation to our best of breed technologies & expert engineers. We provide contextual analysis behind issues, manage the ‘noise’ and identify events that matter. You gain time to pursue more strategic concerns and insight to deal with risks effectively.

Collects, analyzes and stores logs from networks, hosts and critical applications.

Takes audit logs to securely transmit data back to SOC of experienced engineers

Provides full contextual analysis behind raw event data

Gives businesses more effective identification and mitigation of security threats

Validates compliance with numerous regulatory and industry standards

Transparent - see everything you want in one place

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