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Super-power #1:

X-RAY Vision

With help from a software specialist, you can get a complete analysis of what's installed across your network, locally and globally, right down to vendor, product and version. Nothing will escape your laser-like gaze.

Super-power #2:


If licensing gaps exist, then you're vulnerable, should the auditors descend suddenly. However, our team of skilful Software Asset Management (SAM) specialists will work discreetly and make you invincible to any outside scrutiny and action.

Super-power #3:

Superhuman Strength

An experienced SAM specialist will also give you super-human strength to squeeze down licensing costs like never before. You can also make use of unused licenses and upgrade rights, as well as getting extra muscle to leverage the best deals.

With help from Bytes, you can

  • Avoid unbudgeted costs
  • Stand tall during audits
  • Reduce True-up fees or fines
  • Find that extra budget

Act quickly. Avoid getting blamed for licensing blunders that didn't happen on your watch..

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