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Do you want an easier way to access licensed products — on a monthly basis — as part of your hosted offering to end customers?

We've got excellent news for Service Providers and ISVs. With Bytes as your SPLA partner, you can concentrate on your core business with increased confidence while getting great prices and service from our helpful team.

How will I benefit from a Bytes SPLA?

  • Zero joining costs
  • Easy and efficient reporting
  • Competitive prices and reliable yield
  • No additional costs for upgrades. Software assurance included

You can trust us to always deliver

We respect the precious relationship you've built up with your customers — and we'll support you at every step with the licensing you need. A safe pair of hands? You bet!

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In an environment where your business doesn’t sleep, you need a strong advisory team with the same attitude. Our ethos is simplicity. Our services are straightforward and well supported with effective sales tools and good advice. We’ll keep you in the know so you can leverage new opportunities, without being distracted from your core business.

Subscriber Access License (SAL)

A SAL is required for each unique individual who is authorised to use the software in any given month.

Benefits include:

  • Subscribers can access any number of servers from any number of devices
  • Service providers can “scale out” by deploying as many servers as they need
  • Service providers have minimal start-up costs. You only pay based upon the number of subscribers each month.

Processor License (CPU)

When licensing via the CPU licenses, an unlimited number of end users can use the software running on a single CPU for each CPU license acquired.

Benefits include:

  • CPU licenses are easier to monitor and count, which lowers administrative costs.
  • CPU licenses replace Internet Connector licenses, eliminating the need to distinguish between Internet, intranet, and extranet users.
  • CPU licenses are economical across a variety of business scenarios where the utilisation of the software may vary


For products that can be licensed in either Per Processor/CPU or Per User/Subscriber mode, the service provider can switch licensing mode from one month to another.

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