Azure Data Analytics

Use your data to drive results

Form actionable business insights by collecting, cleansing, refining and analyzing disparate data using the power of Microsoft Azure:

  • Discover adoption strategies for Azure data analytics
  • Understand how to ingest multiple types of data from internal and external sources into your analytical tools
  • Utilize the strategic benefits of Azure based data analytics and insights to transform your data and drive better business decisions and outcomes
  • Present your data insights and findings to a diverse range of data consumers
Analytics and AI

Why Azure for data analytics?


Only pay for what you use


Better business decisions


Secure and compliant data


Unrivaled intelligent insights

Key products

Azure Analysis Analytics

Transform complex, multifaceted data with resources suited to match your specific business goals. Visualise your data quickly, while knowing you can govern, deploy, test and deliver your BI solution confidently. Plus there is no upfront cost, and you only pay for what you use!

Azure Synapse Analytics

With Azure Synapse you can query your serverless or provisioned data on your own terms. Without limitations, Azure Synapse features include Enterprise data warehousing, data lake exploration, integrated SQL engines, real time analytics, integrated AI and BI, as well as world leading security.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Looking for a solution for big data analytics? Azure Data Lake Storage is a cost-effective and highly scalable solution, which extends Azure Blob Storage capabilities and combines scale with a powerful high-performance file system. Reducing the time that it takes you to get useful insights.

Azure Data Bricks

Want a way to gain insights from all your data? With Azure Databricks you can set up your Apache Spark environment within minutes to analyse all of your data. To build artificial intelligence solutions, collaborate on team projects. Python, Scala, R Java and SQL are supported by Azure Databricks.

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Form actionable business insights using Azure data analytics

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