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We are here to help

Our Incident Response Service puts you directly in touch with our triage team and expert Incident Response Team within 60 minutes - providing immediate aid for any security incident, no matter what technology you are using, or what caused your incident. 

Bytes' expert consultants will apply learnings from an experienced incident - ensuring both a short term issue resolution and enhanced protection long term.


How it works

  • Within 60 minutes from your call, Bytes' Incident Response experts will engage to handle any aspect of a security incident
  • Once the incident has been contained and remediation is under way, a post incident report will provide technical details of the attack, identify the root cause and recommend prevention or mitigation of future attacks
  • Bytes expert consultants will then work with you to futureproof your security infrastructure to avoid future incidents and increase security posture, taking all lessons from your incident on board

Why Bytes Incident Response


Complete Incident Handling

Incident Response (IR) experts handle the entire incident lifecycle from triage to containment and remediation with detailed documentation. Root cause of incident will be provided with full recommendations to prevent future attacks.


Tailored Service

Security incidents involve a wide range of applications, operating systems, and configurations. Our service covers specific incident response needs or gaps in your organisation or incidents end-to-end depending on your needs


Powerful Intelligence Allies

With unrivaled access to global research, intelligence feeds and partners, national and international law enforcement, analysts understand the broader context of your incident so deliver the most appropriate response


Vendor Agnostic

Responders have a wide breadth of experience in systems administration, engineering and protection development so can handle any situation - all incidents are treated equally. 


Leverage Lessons

With Bytes IR Service, not only do you access expert specialist to help triaging an incident, your Bytes account manager can take wider learnings from that incident to provide help in futureproofing your business and fortifying your wider security posture.


Safe Pair of Hands

IR Experts deploy their experiences from handling thousands of incidents per year to help advanced customers prepare for the worst. Not only technical preparation of systems and networks, but also practical preparation with IT staff and executive management. 

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