Software Asset Management

Do you want to minimise spending on licensing contracts, while avoiding compliance failures and fines?

We know exactly how you feel. And our experienced SAM team stands ready to help.

Let's join forces, whether you need a simple software review or full control of an entire, global software estate. We'll act sensitively to save you money, time and stress — and get the results you need.

We work closely with the key management software vendors like Microsoft and Snow to provide a SAM service that's tailored and configured to suit your business needs and budget

The Bytes SAM team will help you, every step of the way

Find out where you are

Decide where you want to be

We'll help you get there...

...and keep you in control

Our approach:


We can help you establish and monitor your live software licenses in real time. Then you can compare current and future usage to identify any compliance issues. We'll enable you to resolve any compliancy issues with vendors and help to defer or avoid possible vendor audits.


Is there any redundant or unnecessary software deployed across your estate? Let's give you a clear view of users, systems and software. Then you can benefit from any software assurance or upgrade rights to keep your business up to date. You can also make use of unused licenses and avoid unnecessary purchases next time around.

Cost Savings

Choosing the right SAM solution is key — if you want to optimise the configuration of licensing contracts for your organisation's needs and bring spending under control. With a leaner software estate, you can reduce IT support and maintenance costs significantly. More enterprises are reaping the rewards every day.


Visibility of your software estate is only half the story. Now it's time to take full control. Our Bytes Asset Management Platform solution lets you administer your SAM systems easily and effectively. Alternatively, we'll take care of it for you with

Vendor mediation

Our experience and positioning with software vendors means that we are in a perfect position to represent you in every scenario, whether it's about licensing issues, procurement or training. We work hard to ensure you get the best outcome and defer vendor audits where helpful. It's great to have the Bytes SAM team on your side.

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