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Whether you need a simple software review or full control of a global software estate, let’s join forces. We'll act sensitively to save you money, time and stress - and get the results you need.

We work closely with key management software vendors like Microsoft and Snow to provide a SAM service that's tailored and configured to suit your business needs and budget.

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£380,000 saving for Cushman & Wakefield

Global real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield were struggling to use their Snow software licenses effectively. They needed help from a partner with an extensive background in software asset management.

Engaging Bytes SAM for assistance enabled them to fully exploit Snow's features to the max. Our advice ultimately helped them save £380,000.

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Your Software Asset Management challenges answered

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Hybrid Cloud Optimisation

Full control over your Microsoft spend – whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.
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Hybrid Cloud Optimisation

For most organisations, a large portion of their funds are spent on Microsoft, so it’s worth ensuring the money is spent well and that your company has no exposure to any unacceptable risks and expenditure.

We can assist you to save money in a number of ways, including:

- Discovering and identifying your Microsoft apps and databases

- Comparing on-premises costs against cloud costs so you can redeploy more expensive applications or databases in a cloud platform

- Reconciliation and advice on your Office 365 subscriptions

- Looking into whether you’re running too many Azure instances

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Cloud Readiness

Plan your cloud journey and move to the cloud with no surprises.
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Cloud Readiness

More and more organisations are adopting cloud-based software and infrastructure. Regardless of what stage you are in your cloud journey, we can deliver value in areas such as:

- Optimisation of on-premises licenses

- Identification of where on-premises can be migrated

- Movement tracking to the cloud

- Viewing hybrid cloud consumption with ease

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Audit Defence

Protection against software audit risks – along with cost savings.
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Audit Defence

Software audits can catch you off-guard, but they can come up more frequently than you think. Making sure you are prepared for an audit is essential. Whether you have in-house legal and software asset management teams or not, we can get you in a position to feel ready to be audited, saving you money and disruption.

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Renewals & True-Up

Take advantage of contract anniversaries & renewals to make cost savings.
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Renewals & True-Up

Use our negotiation skills to achieve the best deal on your software license renewal. By understanding your current rights, software consumption and your licensing options, you’ll make significant savings and optimise your estate so it’s working at its best.

We manage over 1000 vendors, so we have the expertise to help you to understand your target vendor’s motivations and business drivers.

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End-to-end SAM service

Set up a SAM function made up of the most essential capabilities.
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End-to-end SAM service

Don’t run the risk of your Software Asset Management tools not living up to their full potential due to your staff not having the skills they need, leaving you exposed to risk, and your technology spend being sky-high. Let us guide you to build the most effective Software Asset Management programme and lead your organisation to SAM success.

Our unrivalled SAM and licensing expertise mean we are best placed to suggest proven methodologies to make the most out of your investment – and drive cost savings as well, along with tools to have sight of and manage your software.

By utilising a fully managed SAM service with Bytes, you can have access to our expertise as an extension of your own in-house asset management capabilities. You can engage this at any level depending on your requirements, time frames and company goals.


Software Asset Management audits are usually very painful, labour intensive and time-consuming exercises, but this time around it was as painless as it could possibly be.”

Kingsley Napley

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