Software Audit Response

Take three vital steps to defend your business today

Facing a software audit? Concerned about the impact on your organisation - and you personally? Follow these three steps to put your business in the strongest postion possible.

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Step #1: Get organised

Over coming weeks, you'll receive requests from the vendor's auditor and will need to pass across a significant amount of data. Review the audit clauses and check for notice periods. Look for leniency. Also, ask the vendor for an NDA to be signed before you send them any data about your IT environment.

Step #2: Arm yourself with the facts


Mitigate risk


Perform your own software license review


Always be on guard

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Step #3: Negotiate the best outcome

There are several ways to save money. Check the vendor's year end, as you may get a better deal. Find out their current strategy — for example, would moving to the cloud mean they give you a discount? Also, investigate the vendor's other products, in case you decide to buy more from them and secure a better price.

Bytes can help you get the best outcome. For example, we negotiated a seven-figure saving between one leading energy company and a global software vendor.

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