Cloud Investment Managed Services

What is CIMS?

The Bytes Cloud Investment Management Service is a 360-degree service for the monitoring and management of cloud spend.

Our tailored service starts by understanding your cloud strategy in order to determine the best way to procure in the short and longer-term. Your cloud strategy is assessed in-line with your actual consumption to formulate the right investment strategy for your business going forward, as you move more of your infrastructure into the cloud.

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Proactive management of long-term investments

The nature of cloud consumption means that costs are dynamic and often unpredictable. Unlike traditional software spend, where perpetual capital investments could be manged over the long term, cloud computing does not provide you with that level of certainty.

The Bytes CIMS service enables organisations to effectively manage this dynamic world of cloud spend, enabling proactive management of long term investments and cost reduction.

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Start managing your cloud spend today.

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A Smart Cloud Investment Strategy

Amongst a whole host of outputs, our analysis will confirm where “Pay-As-You-Go” makes the most sense and/or where long term investments through Reserved Instances or the application of perpetual licenses would be prudent to reduce costs in your organisation.

This is not a one-off point in time assessment - the Bytes team, using our Quantum analytics platform, monitors your cloud activity 24/7 and provides

monthly updates with detailed analysis which includes:

  • New Reserved Instances
  • Reserved Instances that should be swapped or cancelled
  • New Windows or SQL licenses to procure or apply to specific workloads

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Managed Service Option

Customers have the option of taking our advice and implementing any changes and new investments directly themselves. Alternatively, a fully- managed service is available whereby the Bytes team will directly administer Reserved Instance procurement as well as the application of hybrid benefits – the use of Windows and SQL licences.

The resultant savings through the application of Reserved Instances and Hybrid Benefits can result in a net saving of up to 80% when compared to typical PAYG costs.

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