Data Loss Prevention and GDPR

Data sovereignty and data lifecycle management are key to helping organisations ensure that EU citizen data is processed and stored appropriately.

To ensure compliance with GDPR companies need to manage data flows to approved third party processors, monitor for accidental data leakage from negligent or malicious employees and protect against data theft from external attackers.

As GDPR extends privacy management regulations to cloud based and third party applications it is critical to ensure that data loss prevention and data theft protection policies apply both within the organisation and data shared with third parties stored outside of the company network.

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DLP Technology = Added Control & Visibility to Aid with GDPR Compliance

Strong Data Loss Prevention Security Controls provide businesses with the following to achieve Privacy by Design

Cloud & Mobile Ready

Extending controls to cloud applications and endpoints to safely leverage cloud services like Office 365, Google for Work and SalesForce, and protect data & IP on Windows and Mac laptops and smartphones.

Fingerprinting for All Data

Must detect even a partial fingerprint of structured or unstructured data on Mac and Windows endpoints. Identifies sensitive data in images such as CAD designs, scanned documents, MRI’s & screen shots

Risk Ranking and Remediation

Quick identification of incidents for immediate remediation using statistical data modeling and behavioral baselining. Prioritise cases from high-to-low risk levels with customizable risk score thresholds

Time and Context Awareness

Drip DLP identifies even small amounts of data leakage over time. Behavior-Based Policies should add content and context awareness to identify when sensitive data is being put at risk by users for action & reporting.

Incident Review Workflow

Email-Based Incident Workflow makes it easy to distribute an incident for review and remediation to data owners and stakeholders without needing to provide access to the central DLP management system

Multiple Channel Protection

Extended Enterprise DLP Controls let you configure once to detect and prevent sensitive data being sent out of the organization via email, web uploads, removables, instant messenger and cloud service clients.


Bytes and Forcepoint data loss prevention solutions

Pre-defined policies to address national and regional data protection regulations covering 60 countries around the world

Bytes have been working as a Platinum Partner with Gartner market leading DLP technology Forcepoint for over 10 years, defining, designing, implementing and supporting their entire Data Loss Prevention suite via our experienced in-house security support and technical consultancy teams.

Forcepoint™ Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat solutions help maintain the safety of personal data and demonstrate strong policies and capabilities for EU citizen data protection.

GDPR compliance with these advantages:

  • Easy setup to deploy data loss prevention (DLP) solutions in days, not months, with preconfigured templates (including GDPR-compliant ones)
  • Streamlined reporting from our unified central management console
  • Incident Risk Ranking to rapidly identify data incidents for immediate remediation action using data modeling and behavioral baselining
  • SureView® Insider Threat (SVIT) behavioral analytics - sharing early warning signs that users have been hijacked, gone rogue, or are making mistakes

This essential early visibility enables you to respond to data incidents in a timely manner & often before sensitive data is breached or stolen

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