Incident Response and GDPR

The impending GDPR places even greater emphasis on the value of effective post breach management by making effective breach reporting and analysis a mandatory aspect of data breach management.

An established data breach and incident response plan is more important than ever to help organisations comply with the increased post breach reporting requirements the GDPR introduces.

Bytes' digital forensics technologies and expert incident response services are designed to provide vital assistance in the detect, response and recovery phases of a breach to ensure businesses limit the effect of attacks and have the relevant people, processes and technology in place to deal with this new legal and regulatory requirement.


Under the GDPR you’ll need to spot unusual patterns against files containing personal data, and promptly report exposure to the appropriate authority

Reporting with context in 72 hours. Not simply declaring you have been breached, notification must include type of data, no. of records touched, who is affected.

If a breach poses 'a risk to rights/freedoms' you must notify affected subjects. You must know who has been affected and have processes to notify them quickly

You need an effective, regularly tested, incident response plan to ensure those involved in breach response understand communication processes

Post breach, you must ensure ongoing communication with authorities is maintained to manage secondary loss factors and inform affected data subjects

How Bytes can Help with Breach Response & Incident Management

Digital Forensics Technologies

Bytes have top tier technology partnerships and years of experience globally with best of breed data and digital forensics vendors such as Varonis Systems (Data Classification & Governance) and Forcepoint (Data Loss Prevention and Insider Threat Management) to provide companies with the technologies and systems they require to detect, analyse, mitigate and understand breaches.

Our experienced and accredited inhouse engineering team deliver hundreds of successful projects every year with varied partners including:

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Incident Response Services

Bytes in conjunction with CREST certified digital forensics and incident response specialists Risk-X, provide a variety of solutions and services to minimise both the time to response and the breach impact on your organisation

Our Services minimise corporate brand damage and data loss whilst allowing you to understand and budget for the costs of responding to a data breach.

Retained Incident Response Service. Comprehensive service giving on-demand access to a highly-experienced incident response specialist when you need it most

24/7/365 helpline and email access to a qualified Forensic Investigator

Defined on-boarding process with upfront agreement of all terms, procurement, commercials, legal processes & methods

Information gathering and methodology sharing session including a forensic incident response gap analysis summary

Initial telephone, email and on-site support
in the event of an incident

Agreed rates and methodologies for future forensic incident response projects

Further services offered within our Cyber Incident Response portfolio include incident response/first responder training, incident response planning, forensic readiness and malware reverse engineering.

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