Identity and Access Control for GDPR

Data controllers have just 72 hours after becoming aware of a breach to report it to their supervisory authority.

An exception to this is if the breach is not likely to pose a risk to the freedom and rights of individuals. Any later than this, and reasoned justification is required to explain the delay. These rules mean that, should a breach occur, it is more probable that it would be made public, and thus damaging to the business.

Compromised credentials is the number one

point of attack used in data breaches


Centrify Identity Platform

Provides protection against compromised credentials by securing the safety of it’s users – both internally and externally.

The Centrify Platform is a cloud service, offering a selection of data centres and supporting 15 popular local languages to ensure your users can be productive, regardless of their location.

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Centrify Identity Platform delivers:

Session monitoring

Strengthened security

Compliance and improved efficiency

Multi-factor authentication

Built on the Centrify Platform

Centrify Identity Service

Too many passwords and lots of systems means monitoring who has access to what can be a headache. Identity Service enables you to manage apps from one cloud portal – improving security and providing additional control.

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Centrify Privilege Service

Sharing privileged accounts can be a potential security risk. Eliminate this with an access solution providing full flexibility around deployment with Privilege Service.

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Centrify Server Suite

Server Suite supplies IT organisations with an identity management and auditing solution. This enables increased visibility and control and ensures that IT system access is provided only when essential.

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