Email Security and Management for GDPR

When it comes to attacks, email is one of the most productive for hackers.

GDPR will mean that, when collecting data, organisations will need data owners’ consent. On top of this, any archived data will need to be managed rigorously. To decrease risk, organisations should have plans in place to ensure they are doing all they can to avoid breaches.

91% of cyber attacks begin with a phishing email

Mimecast for Email Security

Most gateway solutions stop spam and viruses, but fail to address one of the biggest threats facing your company. With Mimecast S1 Advanced Threat Security that includes Targeted Threat Protection, you can shield your employees and network from whaling, phishing and spear-phishing attacks.


Mimecast can provide


Administration of security, archiving and continuity services

Flexible configuration

Allowing tiered or department-specific policies


of users and groups from Active Directory

No limits

On concurrent searches or number of mailboxes per search

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Not all gateways are created equal, many will allow infected mail onto the network, slowing performance and frustrating employees. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway offers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam service levels — removing threats in the cloud before they reach your network.

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