The Role of CASB in Cloud Security

Many cyber actions that seem routine at first glance can actually decrease the stability of security programs and processes, often unintentionally.

While cloud apps and BYOD policies increase user productivity & lower operating costs, they also lead to risk that traditional security controls were not designed to handle.

You must be able to stop malicious and accidental people-based vulnerabilities while providing employees with the access to critical data they need to succeed.

Webinar: The Role of CASB: Increasing visibility and control in cloud apps

This concise technical webinar from Bytes and CASB market leader Forcepoint outlines the measures organisations should take in order to gain visibility and reduce cloud application security risks.

Join the webcast on November 30th to learn about:

? Security blind spots caused by lowered visibility in the cloud

? Gaps in coverage from traditional security tools

? The sharp increase in the number of managed & unmanaged endpoints

? How normal employees become malicious or compromised users

We look forward to sharing the latest insights into Cloud security with you November 30th.

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Thursday 30th November
10:00am - 11:00am

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