Managed Security Overview

Access skilled security resources to manage rising threats with maximum cost efficiency

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. You don’t want your data integrity compromised and you certainly don’t want to be the next big breach headline.

Organisations are realising not all threat risks can be prevented or mitigated, data breaches will occur. Their fate is determined by the accuracy and speed of response.

With limited IT budgets and inhouse resources, companies are turning to Bytes to ensure the accuracy and speed of their security management, gain specialist skills and tools to maximise their security investments and provide a strong line of defence against rising threats.

Bytes Managed Security Services Portfolio

Whether you use our Network Monitoring Service, Cyber Security Monitoring Service or a Fully Managed Firewall or IPS service you can expect

No capital expenditure required, pay for services chosen as you use them

Correlation of traffic or logs to understand activity & events in context

Compliance with regulation mandates with audit ready reports

No training or time burden onyour internal team

A cost effective, easily deployed solution with a single pane of glass view

Indepth insight from experienced engineers to give contextual analysis

Assurance of working with a leading global security service provider


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