Breach & Vulnerability Management

Finding Your Weakest Links

According to Gartner, over 90% of cyber attacks exploit known security flaws. Effective vulnerability and patch management should be on every company’s to-do list. However, in today’s economy, organisations are forced to maintain a secure IT environment while keeping operating costs down.

Given the increasing number of remote employees who reduce the organisation’s control over the devices that are brought in and out of the environment, finding and prioritising the sheer volume of network's vulnerabilities, and promptly ensuring that they are fixed, is a nearly impossible task that can leave your organisation exposed.

We work hand in hand with leading vulnerability providers to deliver solutions that deliver the right balance between effectively addressing network security in a constantly changing environment and maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

More data

More threats

More complexity

Need for simplicity

By choosing Bytes SP to be our security partner, we have gained TCO savings and financial benefits and now have the confidence in our security systems to be able to support our compliance needs. Unipart Group,

Working with leading vendor technologies, Bytes help companies assess and plug their vulnerabilities and achieve centralised policy enforcement and compliance reporting across the entire network. We implement vulnerability management solutions to discover and assess potential breaches and maintain system configurations to ensure secure environments, saving you time and money.

Attack Detection

Actively monitoring critical systems for both internal and external attacks; providing the IT team with real time visibility within the network and ensuring security issues are swiftly located.

Patch Management

When it comes to patching application vulnerabilities, information is everything. With the right intelligence, you can stay ahead of the latest vulnerabilities, apply updates responsively and easily to keep your infrastructure secure.

Vulnerability Management

Speak to Bytes to preemptively defend against vulnerability exploitation in software, applications & networks. Strengthen your weakest links.

Breach Remediation

Solutions to automate and shorten breach response time, identifying and swiftly taking the right actions to stop attacks, assess and minimise damage and analyse root cause to prevent recurrence.

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