GDPR Compliance Unlocked

What GDPR will mean for business
How to comply in time for the May 2018 deadline

The EU GDPR Regulations are set to change the game of data security from 2018.

Applicable to all businesses who hold EU Citizens' Personal Data, the new laws both add new requirements on the processing of personal data and tighten existing regulations. They require a comprehensive review of data security, from data audits and DLP through to incident response.

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The General Data Protection Regulation Will Mean

Data Privacy Officer

Appointing a DPO to monitoring GDPR compliance.

New regulations

New requirements for collecting & processing personal data to give citizens data sovereignty.


A 72 hour countdown to notify authorities (and often consumers) of a breach, with detailed breach analysis.


Tiered penalties up to 4% of global annual turnover (or €20,000,000 if higher) for GDPR violations


Additional powers for local authorities to investigate & prosecute data controllers & processors

What's the risk if I don't comply?

Reputation damage, customer loss and a fine of up to 4% of global group revenue.

Had GDPR been in place during the Talk Talk breach their record breaking fine would have been £700million not £500K.


GDPR – What’s new at a glance...

Privacy By Design & By Default

Strong technical & organisational measures to keep data safe

Timely Breach Notification

Data controllers & data processors must declare data breaches

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Understand your business exposure and risk of penalty

Right to Erasure & Be Forgotten

Be prepared for the new data subject right to have data deleted

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