Data Access Control

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With the introduction of the GDPR, strong access control is established as a data protection standard responsible organisations are expected to adopt

A key part of the GDPR is minimising access to those with legitimate need to process personal data and having a clear audit trail of who is accessing personal data, when and for what purpose at all times.

Identity and Access Management Solutions such as Multi-factor Authentication, Access Policy Management, Identity Assurance and Privileged Account Management are central to achieving this.

Strong access control needs comprehensive capabilities, including:

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Adaptive assurance

Authentication changing based on role, access scenario and usage requirements. Higher assurance methods for high risk, high value access.

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Restriction of Privilege

Solutions to manage privileged accounts. Ensuring the strongest level of security for those with the highest level of data access and editing power.

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Unified visibility

Unified audit trails so administrators see who is accessing what and when across on-premise, cloud and virtual resources. Vital for auditing compliance.

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Cloud enablement

Companies reliant on cloud-based applications & platforms need strong controls for users when accessing cloud-based critical resources.

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Mobile Friendly

Mobile endpoints are ubiquitous. Organisations need authentication that safeguards access, without adversely affecting mobile users’ experience.

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We work with the world's leading vendors across authentication, identity management and privileged account management and can offer you the best-fit solution for your GDPR compliance strategy.

Whether you have a preferred access control vendor or would like one of our security specialists to discuss your individual access needs and provide recommendations, our specialists can work with you to determine the next steps.

As well as facilitating discussions, product demonstrations or commercial negotiations, Bytes offer a full suite of technical services, from project scoping to product installation, maintenance and 24/7 technical support. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.

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