Data security

Data is the lifeblood of business. The potential damage to companies both financially and reputation-wise from data loss is well documented. Whether protecting sensitive data from theft or accidental loss, data protection is at the top of IT team’s priority list.

Our holistic approach to data security starts with accredited consultants and security specialists providing vital expert guidance on data security strategy, technologies and best practice deployments. We start with your data objectives and priorities, and match technology to those, delivering both data and device security.

From initial Data Security Strategy assessments through our award-winning, best in class technology partnerships to expert deployment of world class data protection solutions you can be sure no matter how big your data gets or how many devices are accessing it you'll be compliant and in full control.

Infrastructure Manager
Bytes SP provided the know-how and expertise which helped us in turning around perceptions of PCI Compliance from a poisoned chalice to a useful business investment. Harvey Nichols, Infrastructure Manager

Bytes data security solutions cover all aspects of securing an organisation’s data against accidental or deliberate loss or misuse. We deploy world leading technologies in:


Solutions designed to detect potential data loss/theft incidents in a timely manner and prevent them by monitoring data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (in storage).

Data Encryption

Protecting data at rest and in transit so it is safe even if intercepted. Encrypting files and devices ensures data becomes unreadable outside of its intended use.

Data Access

Solutions to ensure an appropriate level of access to data for all stakeholders within and outside of your organisation. The right people get the right data at the right time – securely.

Data Classification

Visibility of what data you have, where your sensitive data is and how best to protect different data types. Maximising protection where you need it most.

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