Cybercrime is moving from a server room to a boardroom conversation

More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, physical or virtual. The human and technical aspects of cyber threats is changing.

New techniques blended with the old, resulting in highly evasive attacks. Vulnerabilities found and exploited in old infrastructure standards such as OpenSSL. At the same time, developments such as the rise of Ransomware and the Internet of Things have emerged to present a completely new set of infrastructure challenges.

With cybercrime costing the UK billions, it is time to confront cyber crime head on and adopt a sophisticated, multi-layered security approach to match.

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Cybercrime - On the Rise

• Ransomware
• Denial Of Service
• Dynamic adaptive malware
• Spear Phishing
• Malware Recycling
• Cheap Exploit Kits
• Hackers for Hire

The threat landscape

New or Déjà Vu? A Bit of Both Threat actors are blending old tactics, such as macros, in unwanted email with new evasion techniques. Old threats are being “recycled” into new threats launched through both email and web channels, challenging the most robust defensive postures. Hackers are gaining capabilities through the adoption of cutting-edge tools and cheap ‘exploit kits’ instead of technical expertise.

Start your fight back

Update your arsenal

Security defences often fail because they rely too heavily on legacy platforms that leverage technology dependent upon signatures—and while these platforms may be good at blocking basic malware that is known and documented, they stand little chance against today's sophisticated, dynamic cyber attacks that occur across multiple vectors and stages.

Know your data inside & out

Define “the crown jewels within the business” and put security strategies and solutions in place to protect those. IP, financial, customer details, employee records, critical apps – once you know what is important to your business, where you store it and how you currently protect it, you can assess the threats these assets will be open to. And define measures to use to protect them.

Rapid response and remediation

Swift detection is complex to achieve given big data, the proliferation of mobile devices and the sheer complexity of modern networks. Automating breach detection and response is critical to reduce response times to hours not days. SIEM, Active Monitoring and Vulnerability Management solutions from Bytes can help.

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Bytes start by assessing and understanding your business, your current infrastructure and the external threat landscape for your individual company, then use our partnerships with leading global technology vendors to help you both improve, strengthen and rejuvenate your existing security infrastructure and find best of breed specialist solutions to augment that infrastructure - futureproofing your security.

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