Breaches are the new normal

Significant breaches at Vodafone, VTech, Talk Talk, Sony, Orange, Target, British Gas, ADP International Monetary Fund, and a number of other organisations have made headlines—and undoubtedly thousands more have occurred that we haven’t even heard about.

Being compromised is no longer a rare event. Despite the best efforts and technologies, data breaches can and often do occur. How quickly and effectively a breach incident is handled has material consequences on an organisation's reputation, finance, and employee morale.

It’s not if, it’s when...limit your exposure

Due to the increasing frequency of information security breaches, CISOs are being asked to evaluate the risk of a security breach in their environments and put appropriate measures in place to protect against them. They turn to Bytes and our technology partners to aid in breach detection, DLP, data classification and other vital parts of the breach management mix.

All organisations face the risk of an information security breach. Detecting that breach and responding effectively both from a technology and a business perspective makes it easier to contain the damage.

The most common breach response challenges:

Swift breach detection
– most breaches are detected in weeks not days

Internal Communication
– lacking cross-functional collaboration during a breach;

Stakeholder Management
– communication with customers, legal bodies and third parties

Process Planning
– having a defined breach response plan

Damage Assessment
- Difficulty correlating security incidents to calculate the breach impact;

Delayed Response
- Inefficient incident management leading to delays in remediation.

Where Bytes can Help
Breach management is a marriage of people, process, and technology.

We work proactively with organisations to aid in to define a strategy and the appropriate technology around that strategy to ensure proper incident management procedures are followed, the right stakeholders are alerted and actively involved, documentation is captured throughout the investigation and remediation processes are followed to ensure proper reporting post mortem.

Bytes and our partners can help with:

DLP & Data classification

SIEM Solutions

Vulnerability management

Breach remediation

Network visibility & monitoring

Partners we work with for Security Breaches

Check Point
SParc Monitor

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