Track, monitor and cut cloud cost

Gain impressive visibility of:

  • Your current commit and consumption levels
  • Commit balance used and remaining 
  • Potential saving opportunities
  • ROI of Hybrid Benefits and reserved instances
  • Where to optimise pay-as-you-go spend
  • Where to procure and apply Reserved Capacity 
  • Where Windows and SQL licenses can be applied

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Why Quantum for Azure?

  • Alignment of costs with business stakeholders
  • Effective management of test, dev and production cloud costs
  • Visualise and identify cost savings 
  • Get the information needed to modernise your cloud estate
  • In-depth cost management, budgeting and forecasting
  • Management of Hybrid Benefits and reserved instances
  • Gain insights into unexpected cost increases

Key features


Microsoft Power BI dashboards


Hosted in Azure UK


Unlimited user accounts


Secure portal with AD

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