Energy company powers up security in just three days with Bytes


Headquartered in Dublin, Aer Soléir is on a mission to develop, construct, own and operate a multi-gigawatt portfolio of onshore wind, solar and energy storage projects. The company – whose name is the Irish for ‘clear air – strives to supply safe and reliable energy to customers.

Aer Soléir invests in sustainable infrastructure projects from early-stage development and beyond with the intent to construct and maintain the long-term ownership of the assets. With its deep experience in renewable energy and strategic investment, the company forms alliances with local partners for onshore clean energy projects throughout Europe.


Robust data security required 

Although Aer Soléir has a big vision, its organisation is small – with around 30 employees and an IT team of just one person. And this presented a major challenge in terms of managing security for the firm’s growing quantities of business data.

While Aer Soléir needed robust and scalable security, it didn’t want a solution that came with a demanding administration overhead. The last thing its IT manager needed was a complex stack of new tools and services. Something simpler was required – as Bytes discovered when its experts explored the company’s needs.

“We chose to use Bytes as they listened to our key business requirements and assisted in meeting our goals by assigning us a specialist consultant to help with our implementation,” said a spokeperson for Aer Soléir. “The conversations were not focused around cost and extracting the most money from us. Instead, we were given great customer service and provided with a partnership that allowed us to see a better return on investment. Overall our experience was fantastic, and I would highly recommend Bytes to anyone."

Robbie, Group Head of Information Security, Aer Soleir

The Bytes Solution

Protecting the entire data estate

Aer Soléir already had a Microsoft E5 license which gave it access to a cloud-based suite of Microsoft 365 productivity apps plus extra services. And these included Microsoft Purview – sometimes known as the M365 data security suite.

Microsoft Purview is a family of data governance, risk, and compliance solutions that organisations can use to govern, protect, and manage their entire data estate. Bytes recognised that this was the energy company’s best option.

With help from Bytes, Aer Soléir simply put the solution to work – in a way that added the most value to the business. Microsoft Purview was set up, policies were created and the project was completed after a brief workshop.


Benefits: Company-wide security at speed

Microsoft Purview was delivered in just three days and with zero disruption for Aer Soléir. Everyone could work as normal, while Bytes got the security up and running.

Now the company can safeguard and manage sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints, while taking care of regulatory compliance. There’s visibility into data assets across the organization.

Crucially, for Aer Soléir’s IT manager, there’s another advantage too – everything security-related can now be managed simply via a single cloud portal. As the business grows, its valuable data can be secured successfully without a jump in headcount or spiralling costs.

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