Bytes help Barnett Waddingham to develop a digital space to maximise employee learning


Barnett Waddingham, a UK firm of risk, pension, investment and insurance consultants, worked with Bytes Learning Services to develop their in-house Learning Management System. Bytes helped to create a flexible digital space to maximise employee skills and behaviours, equipping them to deal with the challenges and future demands of their clients.


Several areas of the business were seeking additional ways of maximising employee’s skills and behaviours to ensure the business was equipped to deliver against business plans, all whilst minimising cost, resource and ‘lost’ fee earning time. A cross-business working group identified the following requirements:

Face to Face Training Management and Administration

  • Employee access to the system via PC/mobile
  • Full training automation to both users and approvers
  • Flexibility to allow for ongoing development

Online Training using a Variety of Medium and Content

  • Offer a way to upload a variety of course material and provide a way of distributing to all employees
  • Functionality to split the access to course content for different groups of individuals
  • Ability to create courses, add multiple choice tests and declarations to confirm an employee’s understanding

New Starter Induction Training Programme

  • Support a software package that converts a range of different materials into a suite of online courses
  • Support the setting of pass marks and provide statistics relating to individual progress
  • Produce a range of reports that included course completion data and generate reminders

Bytes used their expertise to guide us through the research and planning phases and were highly responsive in helping to resolve any issues that arose during implementation

Alison Armishaw, Learning & Development Manager

The Bytes Solution

In conjunction with Barnett Waddingham’s cross-business working group, Bytes Learning Services determined the simplest and most cost effective approach would be to develop the existing Learning Management System (My Learning).

To initiate the required in house authoring capability for course creation, the working party reviewed a number of software providers and chose Elucidat (recommended by Bytes Learning Services) as it was a compatible ‘responsive’ design authoring tool.

Working closely with the Bytes Learning Services team, the following functionality was developed:

Automated Classroom Schedule

  • My learning offered the facility to set up both eLearning and face to face training courses via employee requests

Administration of Online Training

  • My Learning offered a method of distributing mandatory and refresher online courses
  • Email templates enabled invitations to be sent to all employees
  • My Learning offered the facility to upload internally designed content which supports SCORM and AICC
  • My Learning allows the induction programme to be automatically assigned to new joiners

Compatibility with identified software

  • The Elucidat authoring tool enabled the creation of engaging online courses with audio content and tests


Since working with Bytes to expand the use of the Learning Management System, the impact has resulted in:

  • Reduced costs in terms of travel and ‘lost fee’ earning hours
  • The ability to provide ‘bite size’ learning at a time suitable for employees and the business
  • A fully automated classroom training schedule
  • Automated delivery of firm wide training initiatives
  • The ability to deliver consistent training messages firm wide at the same time
  • A fully automated induction curriculum with reporting for all new starters
  • Online Learning Plans for all employees
  • Automatic certification of learning attended/achieved (CPD)
  • Online access for line managers to view planned activity