Huntswood Gains Flexibility and Resilience Through AWS Migration with Bytes


Huntswood provides business outsourcing and recruitment services—with many projects being reactive in nature - so they need the ability to quickly ramp up and then ramp down compute capabilities.


The company’s existing on-premises data center wasn’t providing the resilience or agility of compute resources it needed to meet the requirements of variable business demand.

The Bytes Solution

With the support of AWS Partner Bytes, Huntswood chose to perform a a full and free assessment of their infrastructure using the AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment program over a 4-week period.
Huntswood now uses Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS for storage, can scale easily to meet demand and accurately measure usage with Amazon CloudWatch. Together, Huntswood and Bytes created a business case for migrating to AWS that was cost neutral and had future savings baked in. The business case was also built on improved resiliency, avoiding single points of failure, improved security, and a better cost footprint.


Huntswood has now improved agility due to the on-demand, serverless computing model provided by AWS that can instantly adjust compute resources based on real demand. Resiliency has also improved significantly - Huntswood is also able to monitor its systems more effectively with Amazon CloudWatch - The company is able to check that jobs have been carried out and that resources have been spun down once they have completed. Security is the other main area of improvement, with micro segmentation of systems preventing lateral flow of security threats.

“The real benefit of the assessment was that it made us go through everything in detail and identify which old systems were no longer needed and what we considered to be most important”

Adam Fradley, head of DevOps and SecOps at Huntswood

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