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Major Players is an award-winning creative, digital and tech recruitment agency in the UK. For over 20 years it has sourced talented people for the world’s biggest brands and helped candidates to reach their ambitions. It works on the basis that a recruitment agency must be ethical, honest and do more than just place people in jobs.


Major Players had an endpoint protection license that was up for renewal, but the platform it had was difficult to manage and heavy on client machines. It was looking for alternatives and needed a solution that offered both robust protection and a simple user interface. The agency hadn’t used Bytes before but chose it to deliver a solution after being impressed with initial discussions. The Bytes team demonstrated a high level of cybersecurity expertise that simply couldn’t be met by competitors.

“Falcon Pro from CrowdStrike has been an impressive step forward in our anti-virus strategy. Bytes were incredibly helpful in allocating specialist resources during the renewal process. Without Bytes I would have renewed our incumbent supplier and missed out on what is becoming a market leader in the field.”

Jonathan Levene, Operations Director, Major Players

The Bytes Solution

Bytes’ cybersecurity team examined the benefits of different endpoint protection platforms, evaluating how each would fit the needs of the agency. The team then put forward some vendor demos for the agency and explained the strengths and weaknesses of each. CrowdStrike Falcon Pro was chosen based on its cutting-edge protection and ease-of-use. It is a next-generation antivirus (NGAV) meaning it is a cloud-based tool using AI, machine learning and behaviour detection to anticipate and prevent threats. It is simple to manage and can be deployed in a matter of minutes, making it the best fit for Major Players’ needs. Falcon Pro fully protects endpoints both online and offline, providing attack visibility with a process tree showing exactly where the attack is happening. It enables security teams to assess the origin and severity of threats and act onsite or remotely. As a cloud-based platform, Falcon Pro reduces operational costs, eliminating the need to maintain infrastructure and update software or signature databases. It has a small data footprint and can be scaled to adapt to company growth. It also ensures threat intelligence is always current, as data from all users is fed into the CrowdStrike system via cloud. Major Players purchased 120 licenses for Falcon Pro in a 3-year deal. The purchase included support from both CrowdStrike and Bytes.


Bytes’ security team was well-suited to this project due to their extensive knowledge of current technology. Their approach to tracking down a dedicated solution meant Major Players got the most advanced endpoint protection on the market for its needs. The close relationship between Bytes and CrowdStrike, along with the highest accreditation levels, meant Major Players got the best possible discount. The agency now has a vastly improved antivirus solution with intelligent threat protection and a simple interface. As it is cloud-based, this means the agency can reduce operational costs and increase productivity. It offers everything a modern company like Major Players needs to protect its business, providing a robust solution for the future.

“The interface is clear and intuitive, and the support and training has been brilliant. There are great opportunities to upskill staff on the product and useful plugins available.”

Jonathan Levene, Operations Director, Major Players

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