Bytes and Zscaler deliver robust network access security for Malcolm Group


Malcolm Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of logistics, construction and maintenance services. Founded in 1921, the Group is a family business that has grown significantly from its days as a horse and cart coal delivery service. Malcolm Group is now an LSE listed company offering a diverse portfolio of solutions, including road and rail freight, warehousing, civil engineering, recycling and HGV maintenance.


Malcolm Group contracted the development of an app called QuarryMinder, which provides intelligent logistics management for quarries, enabling users to assign jobs for truck drivers, monitor truck locations and automate invoicing. The app client sits in LTE-enabled Android devices installed in the trucks, whilst the server component is hosted in a datacentre.

To avoid web-based threats and unauthorised access, Malcolm Group wanted to secure connectivity between the QuarryMinder app clients and server, without the need for user interaction. They required a solution that was flexible, resilient and easy to control, with effective reporting and network visibility.

The Bytes Solution

Bytes’ in-house security consultants worked closely with Malcolm Group to find the right solution for their requirements. Using their technical expertise and knowledge of the current market, the Bytes team examined several different technologies. Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) was identified as the best solution, based on its robust zero trust network access technology, simple interface and cloud-based approach.

ZPA uses inside-out connectivity to ensure private apps are never exposed to the internet, making them invisible to unauthorised users, ransomware and DDoS attacks. This means admins don’t have to rely on ACLs and firewall policies to protect users, leading to a more secure and seamless user experience.

Bytes provided Malcolm Group with a demo of ZPA and assisted them in the running of a Proof of Value (PoV) exercise, which assessed how the solution would impact the business, the benefits and any obstacles to adoption. After several weeks of testing and some minor adjustments to the solution, the PoV was declared a success and ZPA was implemented on the Group’s devices to secure access to the QuarryMinder app.


Choosing Bytes as a partner meant Malcolm Group benefitted from unrivalled security knowledge and in-house expertise. From finding the right solution through to rollout, Bytes was there for every stage of the journey. Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) enhanced the QuarryMinder app with an extra layer of protection against web-based threats. Malcolm Group can now feel confident that network access to the app is secure, with minimal effort from their users and admins. Thanks to the success of this project, the Group plan to extend the reach of ZPA and protect other apps on their network too.