Bytes helps Mott MacDonald proactively manage their software


Global management, engineering and development consultancy, Mott Macdonald, engaged Bytes to get back on track to save 750 staff hours per year, improve security and proactively manage their software compliance. Building on an existing Altiris 6.5 investment Bytes provided a robust Software Asset Management solution that met the demands of a global engineering company


With over 14,000 employees spread over a global network covering 50 offices and projects in 140 countries, Mott MacDonald recognised the need for an effective Software Asset Management solution to enable them to keep control over their rapidly changing software portfolio.

Their current processes and technologies to manage their global software deployment were not providing them with the visibility and control they wanted and they soon recognised that this was exposing them to compliance issues and inefficient software deployment and removal.

Investment in an Altiris 6.5 system provided a partial solution towards achieving the levels of control they demanded. Configuration and maintenance issues were hampering the effectiveness of the investment and causing business interruption problems

Bytes were able to design, configure and successfully implement a robust solution that now meets all of Mott MacDonald’s infrastructure management requirements. Bytes’ technical expertise is coupled with robust project management to ensure successful delivery within very tight timescales and within a fixed budget.

Global Asset Manager, Mott MacDonald

The Bytes Solution

Following a successful tender process, Mott MacDonald engaged Bytes Software Services to provide a SAM solution that would maximise their investment in Altiris 6.5 and enable them to reach the levels of control over their software estate they needed.

The first step was to carry out an ‘Envisioning Workshop’ to provide a complete understanding of SAM processes and technologies in place and agree an improvement plan for the business.

The next step was to complete a full software and hardware audit and a review of all existing software policies, technologies and procedures. This information allowed us to assess the scope of the task and help prepare, prioritise and implement the right solution.

Bytes then initialised the ‘Altiris Improvement Project’ building a solution around the current Altiris 6.5 investment with a view to upgrading to an Altiris 7 system in the future. We redesigned and reconfigured a global solution to provide Mott MacDonald with a robust software management system that they could trust and control


The enhancements and reconfiguration of the existing Altiris 6.5 system significantly improved all aspects of Mott MacDonald’s global software management. The benefits delivered range from the significant and measurable time/money savings achieved from the faster system start-up times of the 14000 global workforce, to improved security from an improved patch management process.

The efficient management of patch deployment and smooth application package delivery also provided a significant reduction in technical support issues to their newly created global service desk. On a global scale the time and cost savings for this element alone represented a huge return on their Software Asset Management investment