Migrating to Azure accelerates growth for leading hospitality software firm


NFS Technology Group provide modern booking and management software solutions for the hospitality industry. With over 1500 clients in 35 countries, their products are widely used by restaurants, hotels, conference venues and golf clubs.

One of their most well-known products is the Aloha EPoS restaurant management system, which offers handheld ordering, payment and booking technology and has been adopted by restaurants such as Hawksmoor, Giraffe and Dishoom.


NFS had their sights set on developing solutions for the healthcare and public sectors. After consulting with Bytes, they decided to move away from their legacy on-premise workloads and take full advantage of Microsoft Azure. This would give them the modern cloud platform they needed to create cutting-edge technology for new customers and expedite business growth.

The Bytes Solution

To perform the migration to Azure, Bytes partnered with Netmetix, a leading provider of Azure infrastructure services. This was delivered successfully within six days, enabling NFS to get started with their new cloud platform right away.

Azure will provide these benefits:

  • Security - all data is stored on Microsoft’s highly secure servers, which are protected with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, biometric readers and a global incident response team.
  • Agility - developing applications in Azure is faster, meaning dev teams can be more iterative, gain feedback quicker and deliver projects on time, to customer requirements. This is helped by two inbuilt features - Virtual Studio and Virtual Machines.
  • Scalability - Azure can be scaled to grow with the company at the click of a button and they’ll only need to pay for what they use.
  • Backup and recovery - disaster recovery and backup are built in, with six copies of data being backed up across two datacentres, real-time mirroring and snapshots taken at critical intervals.
  • Reduced cost and energy - Azure eliminates the need for physical datacentres, meaning companies can dramatically reduce both their capital expenditure and carbon footprint.

NFS also needed a commercial model to suit their needs as a fast-growing technology firm. As they would be consuming data heavily in Azure, Bytes recommended adopting the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) model. This would ensure NFS only paid for what they used. Bytes also equipped NFS with Bytes’ Quantum for Azure software, which helps businesses manage and monitor all aspects of their cloud consumption.


Migrating to Azure has enabled NFS to grow and reach their business goals. They now have the perfect platform to build technology solutions for new clients in the healthcare and public sectors. Thanks to Bytes’ close partnerships and commercial knowledge, NFS were also able to migrate cost-effectively. Using Quantum for Azure will bring further commercial benefits, providing greater visibility and helping NFS to monitor their cloud consumption with ease.

Migrating to Azure with Bytes and Netmetix will help us to build exciting new technology for our clients easily and securely. We can now expand our offering to new sectors and increase business growth.

Raj Bharambe | Head of IT Services | NFS