Bytes delivers backup solution for Numatic using AWS DataShield Service


Numatic is a UK-based manufacturer of cleaning equipment and is best known for its iconic Henry vacuum cleaner. The company has a significant IT infrastructure that supports its operations, including customer relationship management, supply chain management, and financial management systems. Numatic's Backup solution was housed in a traditional data centre.

Numatic together with Bytes would like to implement Veeam backup repository infrastructure on AWS, leveraging S3 service as a backup repository for higher availability and cost reduction for their on-premise backup operation. This is to implement a scale out backup repository where the repository will be on the cloud - AWS S3.


Numatic's traditional data centre architecture made it difficult to quickly and efficiently scale without large capital expenditure in traditional architecture. The company had to quickly find a solution for their backups with the termination notice looming, Numatic needed a solution that would enable them to back up their data to the cloud as quickly as possible.

The solution delivered by Bytes was critical in ensuring the continuity of our business operations during a very challenging time. Bytes demonstrated a deep understanding of our business requirements and were able to deliver a solution that met our needs and was completed within the tight timeframe. We are delighted with the outcome of the project and look forward to working with Bytes AWS on future initiatives.


The Bytes Solution

Bytes recommended using Veeam technology, with AWS EC2, and S3 to build a backup solution that would enable Numatic to back up their data to AWS quickly and securely.

The solution was designed to remove the legacy architecture needed in a traditional data centre and take advantage of unlimited scale and additional services that can now be used within AWS to analyse that data.

Bytes and Numatic worked together to create a solution that was tailored to Numatic's specific requirements and would allow them to migrate their data to AWS within the short time frame they had been given.

The solution involved using Veeam technology to create backups of Numatic's critical data. These backups were then stored on Amazon S3, which provides highly durable and scalable cloud storage. Bytes also set up Amazon landing zones and EC2 instances to manage the backups and provide secure access to the backed-up data.


The backup solution delivered by Bytes enabled Numatic to quickly and securely back up their data to the cloud, removing the need for manual processes and significantly reducing the risk of data loss. With their data securely backed up to AWS, Numatic had the peace of mind they needed to focus on their business operations and plan their next steps without the pressure of losing data.

The solution also allowed Numatic to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security features offered by AWS. This has enabled them to have access to unlimited scale and additional services that can be used within AWS to analyse their data.

Bytes successfully delivered a backup solution for Numatic that enabled them to quickly and securely back up their data to AWS. The solution removed the need for manual processes, significantly reduced the risk of data loss and provided Numatic with peace of mind during a challenging time. The solution has also allowed Numatic to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security features of AWS, and will enable them to use additional services to analyse their data.