POFM has been supported, maintained and upgraded by Bytes Security Partnerships for over 10 years


POFM consists of 740 people, including many multi-lingual personnel, based at 29 strategic locations, spanning thirteen countries across Europe. Through innovation, quality and flexibility, P&O Ferrymasters (POFM) leads the market in the design, implementation and provision of integrated asset and non-asset based road and inter-modal Freight Management solutions for European industry. For 10 years POFM has enjoyed consistent, high quality support and consultancy from the same Bytes account manager and technical team


Among other things, POFM needed assistance with:

  • A firewall security solution
  • Deep Understanding of Technologies available and which best match POFM
  • Ability to manage in-house to achieve cost efficiency
  • Future security products for AV, Citrix and content
  • Consistent account management

Bytes SP have enabled our in-house teams to effectively run security solutions for 9 years. They have found us the best technologies Europe wide for our business, educated our teams on making the most of these, and provided first class on-going support.

European IT Manager, P&O Ferrymasters

The Bytes Solution

Longstanding Relationship

POFM has been supported, maintained and upgraded by Bytes Security Partnerships (BSP) for over 10 years. Originally working with BSP for their firewall needs, POFM has enjoyed consistent, high quality support and consultancy for almost a decade from the same account manager and technical team.

Access to Best Technologies

BSP’s industry connections and strong account management has meant that POFM use best in breed technologies Europe wide for their security needs. As BSP have been working with them for such a long time, they fully understand their business priorities and are able to monitor the market for the best new technologies to meet these.

This means that POFM remain ahead of security threats and up to speed with the latest trends and products which can benefit their business


Bytes Education and Knowledge Sharing

The strong relationship and level of understanding that BSP has of POFM’s business has meant POFM has been able to both consolidate applications and achieve cost efficiencies across their security suite. BSP has been integral in training and educating POFM’s IT teams on the best ways to use new software releases and security products to reduce internal administration, avoid problems and ensure smooth rollout.

This has meant that POFM has achieved self-sufficiency in security, enjoys swifter integration of technologies and value for money with each investment.

Expanding Needs Covered

Due to the quality of service in their early relationship, BSP are now POFM’s chosen security supplier for anti-virus protection, content control and Citrix. POFM enjoys the benefits of BSP’s expert advice and consultancy, consistent account management and 24/7 technical support for all solutions.

P&O Ferrymasters has chosen BSP for years for various parts of their security protection, as they know they work with a partner that adds value to them each year via support, training and expertise on the latest technologies to employ to ensure POFM operates best in breed security.

The support and consultancy offered from BSP has aided the POFM IT team in moving from being a customer with a lack of awareness of the best security technologies out there and how to make the most of them, to a fully self-sufficient security team with the ability to manage their security suite effectively and cost efficiently in-house. All with the security of knowing that BSP is on call as backup for them whenever needed