Snow Software leverage the power of Microsoft solutions to meet the demands of increased growth


Snow Software, the global leaders in technology intelligence, develop award-winning software asset management, cloud platform and SaaS management solutions. Their products, such as Snow License Manager, Snow Inventory and Snow Commander, provide businesses with enhanced control and visibility across their IT estate.

Snow are a fast-growing company with recent revenue milestones of $100 million ARR and 750 people employed worldwide. Their software has gained recognition from multiple entities, including Gartner and Forrester, and Bytes have a long-standing partnership with Snow as a reseller and supplier.


To meet the demands of increased business growth, Snow wanted to adopt further scalable cloud-based solutions. They also wanted to re-examine their approach to security and device management to cater for an increasingly mobile workforce, whilst also taking customer support into consideration.

The Bytes Solution

Bytes' Cloud Solutions team began by demonstrating the capabilities of Microsoft Teams with Audio Conferencing. This additional feature enables staff and customers to dial-in to meetings using mobile devices, meaning Snow can provide more immediate support for their growing customer-base. It will also increase communication between their global offices.

Bytes also recommended Microsoft Power BI for greater data visibility and insights into multiple facets of the business, including sales. This will help Snow learn more about their new customers and make business decisions based on real data. Visual Studio adds further functionality, helping in the creation of new programs, web services and applications for customers.

To secure the mobile workforce, Bytes’ Cyber Consultants assessed Snow’s endpoint security. The Bytes team highlighted issues and suggested solutions, creating a roadmap for the year ahead. Based on this process, Snow adopted Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS), a cloud-based platform blending identity and device management tools, such as Intune. Bytes also introduced Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, a powerful next-gen solution that detects, investigates and responds to threats across all devices.

Bytes’ Commercial Advisory Service (CAS) experts also examined Snow’s commercial models. This helped Snow adopt a Microsoft CSP agreement, which is well-suited to the needs of a growing business, enabling them to scale up with monthly user quotas, flexible billing and enhanced support from Bytes.


Snow gained impressive technology to enable business growth. Using Teams to its full advantage supports mobile staff and better customer service, whilst Power BI and Visual Studio provide data-driven insights and development of programs and apps. Wrapping these solutions in cutting-edge Microsoft security will further secure the mobile workforce and protect sensitive business data going forward.

To host further services for their customers, Snow plan to increase their investment in Azure, using Bytes’ Quantum tool to optimise usage. They'll also look to Bytes’ Cyber Consulting division for further security advice.

Bytes worked with the IT team at Snow to help us navigate Microsoft technology and ensure we got the maximum return on our investment. This required extensive investigation of our commercial models and Azure usage and we found Bytes’ expertise extremely valuable. They enabled us to make use of advanced Microsoft security using the best models for our business requirements, as well as providing considerable technical support around each solution we adopted.

Alastair Pooley, Chief Information Officer, Snow Software