Accelerate Your Data Protection Strategy

Are you ready to drive your data protection strategy forward? Join Bytes & an outstanding line-up of industry-leading experts as we put data protection in the spotlight.

Be part of the action! Join us for this unmissable event on Tuesday 2nd November, hosted at the world-famous Silverstone (Home of British Motor Racing), as we explore, examine, debate & discuss the latest data protection trends, innovations & insights. From data visibility to data back-up, each specialist-led workshop will uncover newly established techniques and provide recommendations & guidance on how best to elevate your data protection posture.

Enjoy an afternoon at Silverstone on us! Unwind post-session with a relaxed lunch overlooking the iconic Silverstone tracks, visit the exhibition area & engage with specialists 1-2-1, and meet the Bytes team of Security Superstars!

And the fun doesn’t end there! Once lunch has been enjoyed, you’ll be invited on a guided tour of the Silverstone Interactive Museum, before taking part in the thrilling Silverstone Pit Stop Challenge (hosted on the world-famous tracks!). *All activities are optional.

To make the day even more memorable, we’re giving a handful of attendees the opportunity to take part in the spectacular Caterham Driving Experience & Skid Car Driving Experience! What a way to end the day! *Spaces are extremely limited due to venue restrictions.

Session titles are listed below. Feel free to mix things up & attend as many as you like! For more information on each session, click here. Each session lasts 30-minutes & includes a Q&A segment.

Attendance is completely free. Spaces are very limited – sign up now to secure your spot! Please note: Social distancing best practices will be in place to ensure all guests feel comfortable and safe.

Not keen on an in-person event? Not to worry! We’ve got it covered. Sign up and state ‘virtual’ – you’ll then receive a link to the live stream where you’ll be able to watch all sessions & take part in the Q&A. 


Session 1: Data Visbility

"Racing Tune Your Cloud Data Stores: Protect your data where it matters"

Presented by Varonis


Join our session to discover key challenges with data protection in the cloud and what security teams tactics your IT teams can adopt in order to visualise and minimise risk

Our specialist will talk through how to tune your cloud environment to:

  • Reduce your blast radius
  • Conduct fast cross-cloud investigations
  • Alert on suspicious activity and policy violations


Session 2: Control of Data - Access Control & Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

"Zero Trust – How Trusting Nothing Gives Peace of Mind"

Presented by Forcepoint


Hub and Spoke is dead, but successfully embracing a SASE approach means jettisoning old ideas about how privilege is granted and truly understanding the worth of private and personal data.

A philosophical shift is required to successfully enable and protect business. Join our session to discover how to optimise your SASE strategy. 

Session 3: User Behaviour & Data Leakage

"Defending Your Data from Insider Threats"

Presented by Proofpoint


It’s one of the oldest maxims in cybersecurity: you can’t protect what you can’t see. As with organisations continue to shift to a hybrid working model, the traditional enterprise network is going dark in more ways than one.

This illustrates an urgent need to rethink the conventional approach data protection. After all, data doesn’t just leave on its own; a compromised account, malicious insider, or negligent user is almost always involved. 
Join us for this session to learn:

  • How to adapt your security architecture to gain visibility in a cloud-orientated landscape.
  • The evolution of the nature of data threats as a result of the move to the cloud and the hybrid working model.
  • Three ways to better detect and respond to risky user actions so you can better protect your organisation’s data.
  • Best practices to build a customised data security framework based on how your people create, access and exchange sensitive data.


Session 4: Sign Sign On & Identity Mangement

"Identity Data and Why it matters"

Presented by Okta


With so much data available to so many, understanding why identity is important can help us build policies to make us more secure, add value to help services grow and reduce cost, all whilst improving customer and user journeys. Okta will delve into why these principals matter, and why integrations and identity are key to organisations ability to grow.


Session 5: Cloud Data Storage & Control 

"Combat attacks, enable powerful data protection with Cloud Guard"

Presented by Check Point


CloudGuard – Your data is under threat from attackers constantly, as it sits at rest, as it moves around the data estate, when its retrieved by apps. One single mistake made in one the many systems that make up the data estate is all they need to get access to your Data.

Learn how the CloudGuard Suite acts at the perimeter and deep within your data estate, to stop attackers from compromising your business.


Session 6: Data Encryption & Control 

"Driving the cloud transition at the F1 Speeds – While keeping grip on your encryption keys"

Presented by Thales



Learn how to marshal sensitive data on the multi-cloud circuit. While encryption is a globally recognised data security principle, how do you control it, especially whilst Analysts advocate that encryption keys should be held by customers? With over 80% of companies using two and more cloud providers, shifting gears to multi-cloud key management is a necessity.

Gain visibility and keep control of your keys in each lap through the Multi Cloudy World, irrespective of which CSPs you are using: AWS, Azure, Google cloud, IBM cloud, Salesforce, O365 or on-prem infrastructure, you can marshal them all. 


Session 7: Data Back Up

"Enable powerful zero-trust cloud management"

Presented by Rubrik


Securely backup and recover your data no matter where it lives with Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management.

During this session Chris will run through how with Rubrik you can manage your data, identify ransomware activity and make sure all data has a clean backup that can be recovered quickly.





Tuesday 2nd November
9:00am - 5:00pm
Silverstone Circuit Towcester Northamptonshire NN12 8TN. Contact us