AWS Cloud Governance Workshop

Join us on 27th March at AWS Headquarters for a Breakfast Briefing with expert speakers from AWS, Technology Partners & Bytes demonstrate the latest strategies and best practices to ensure your Optimised, Secure and Compliant!

What to expect from the morning

Automated FinOps Unveiled: Dive into the revolutionary world of Automated FinOps and discover how it can transform your business's financial operations in the AWS cloud. Learn practical strategies and tools to optimise your cloud costs, ensuring you achieve maximum efficiency and savings.

Security Practices for the Cloud Era: Understand the latest security practices crucial for safeguarding your AWS infrastructure. Gain insights into industry-leading security measures and how to implement them to protect your sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) Insights: Explore the concept of Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and its pivotal role in aligning your cloud strategies with business objectives. Learn from our experts about establishing and maintaining an effective CCoE within your organisation.

Landing Zones: The Foundation of Success: Discover the importance of well-defined landing zones for your AWS workloads. Gain valuable insights into designing and implementing landing zones that serve as the foundation for scalable, secure, and efficient cloud operations.

Data Management & Protection: Hear how the establishment and enforcement of policies, procedures and controls ensures data is managed, protected and utilised effectively and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Get the chance to ask questions, network with like-minded peers and join us for a spot of breakfast and lunch too!

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AWS Offices. London

Wednesday 27th March
60 Holborn Viaduct. London. EC1A 2FD
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09:30 - Welcome & Coffee

09:50 - Introduction 

10:00 - Cloud Governance - Cracking the Basics

10:20 - Automated FinOps - Optimise Costs a&Make Savings

10:40 - Security Considerations for Cloud Compliance

11:00 - Break

11:15 - Cloud Centre of Excellence for Cloud Strategy

11:35 - Landing Zones for Scalable & Secure Operations

11:55 - Why Bytes?

12:15 - Questions and Wrap up

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