The Azure Marketplace: Modernising Your Software Procurement Strategy

Are you ready to modernise your software procurement strategy with the Azure Marketplace?

Join our webinar on Thursday 9th May at 10:30 till 11:30am to understand the significance of the new Multi party private offers in modernising your software procurement processes, with the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Lead, Darren Sharpe and our Cloud Marketplace Specialist at Bytes, Ryan Edmonds.

We're thrilled to announce our participation as a preview partner, in the channel program, offered through the Azure Marketplace, for Multiparty Private Offers (MPO). This empowers you to immediately access exclusive offers, all while enhancing cost-efficiency and simplifying your procurement process, starting in May and beyond.

You will discover:

  • What a Multi-Party Private Offer (MPO) is
  • The benefits of MPO on your business, if you hold an EA or MCA agreement
  • The importance of the Azure Marketplace and the benefits to your software procurement processes
  • The purchase routes available for CSP and EA/MCA customers, including CSP Private offers and MPOs.
  • Why Bytes for the Azure Marketplace - Our Services, Specialists and Knowledge available to you

The launch date for MPO will be July 2024. This offers you an excellent chance to prepare ahead of the launch, with the valuable assistance of Bytes and our dedicated Microsoft and Cloud teams. Ensuring cost optimisation, fostering software innovation, and driving value are paramount to us, in supporting your objectives. We aim to streamline your software procurement portfolio effortlessly, ensuring a smooth transition to Bytes, for your existing software solutions - all while prioritising value.

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Thursday 9th May
10:30 - 11:30

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