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Breaches - The Need for Speed

Organisations took 280 days to respond to a breach last year – giving attackers ample time to inflict an average of £2.9 million damage per breach.

What’s more, a startling number are suffering repeat incidents. So how to match attackers agility - accelerating response AND guaranteeing a long term fix which prevents repeat attacks? Our Breaches – The Need for Speed Virtual Event will provide guidance on breach containment from the front lines, sharing lessons from hundreds of breach cases globally, to give you essential guidance.  

Bytes’ CISO Steve Marshall will lead breach response experts from Crowdstrike, Exabeam, Digital Shadows and SecurityHQ in laying out a globally recognised framework for incident response – and how to apply it in practice.

Join us at 10am on 7th July for an interactive session (plenty of live Q&A, polls & panel debate) covering: 

  • Speeding your response to a breach – turning weeks to days 
  • Applying intelligence & context to threats detected to make the right response – first time
  • Eliminating breach recurrence by closing breach backdoors
  • How to apply the globally recognised NIST incident response framework 

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Our global panel is standing by to share insights and guidance so you can respond quicker and more effectively to attacks.

Join us live on July 7th to learn essential insights and ask them your questions - or register below to view on demand.


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Wednesday 7th July

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