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The Cyber Threat Series

We’re teamed up with the best in the business to bring you The Cyber Threat Series!

Hosted over three days, this unmissable security series will take a deep dive look at the ever-changing Threat Landscape & explore Threat Detection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery. Led by world-class industry experts, our interactive workshops will review the latest threat trends, provide exclusive insights, and share best practise recommendations on how optimise your cyber resiliency.  

  • Discover how to elevate your cyber threat strategy
  • Learn about newly discovered attacking tactics & techniques
  • Have your burning questions answered by leading Security specialists
  • Get exclusive access to cherry-picked resources
  • Witness live demonstrations of show-stopping, innovative technology designed to powerfully combat security risks & threats.  

Our series will leave no stone unturned – each session will reveal exclusive cyber threat truths, tips and tricks across Endpoint, Network, Email, Security Operations, and the Dark Web. 

Mix & match sessions: sign up to as many sessions are you like! Sessions last 60 minutes & include live Q&A. Sign up using the registration form below! 

Day One:



"Discover World-class Endpoint Protection"

Session Supported By Crowdstrike


Enable intelligent threat detection. This session will explore Crowdstrike’s leading cloud-based endpoint protection platform. Discover how this ground-breaking solution enables full protection across all vectors, not just malware – even when devices & servers aren’t connected to the internet.



Email & Social Engineering

"The Art of Cyber Manipulation"

Session Supported by Mimecast


Protect what’s yours! Protect what’s yours! Join us as we unpack & explore a selection of newly discovered unusual cyber-attacking techniques, identified by Mimecast's Threat Researchers. Learn more about the current email threat landscape & gain insight into the latest trends in email-based attacks - including, file sharing abuse & supply chain attacks.



Identity & Access

"Exploring Zero Trust Security"

Session Supported by Okta


Optimise your security posture – enable powerful protection from every angle. Join our specialist panel discussion where industry experts will be unpacking & discussing the importance of Zero Trust security. This session will explore key findings & examine latest insights on Zero Trust, and provide invaluable expert advice & best practice recommendations. 



Web Security & Data

"Next Generation Cloud Security"

Session Supported by Netskope


With an unprecedented wave of attacks happening on traditional remote access technologies, remote access services (RDP) and misconfigured cloud apps, it is crucial that organisations establish a new, integrated approach that protects all users and devices – from any location. Join Bytes & Netskope’s Principal Sales Engineer & Threat Expert as we discuss new threat strategies that effectively adapt to the current threat landscape - a distributed workforce and a new concept of user-centric perimeter.



Day Two:



Digital Risk Monitoring & The Dark Web

"Defence Against The Dark Web"

Session Supported by Digital Shadows


Join our session where Digital Shadows’ Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst unmasks the truth behind the dark web - enabling you full control of your digital footprint. This session will examine the latest cybercriminal trends, outlining key identifiers that ensure your assets are monitored and protected at all times. Discover how Digital Shadows delivers unrivalled threat intelligence, dark web monitoring & surface attack monitoring. 


Threat response

"Threats Unmasked - Advanced Threat Analysis & Response"

Session Supported by SecurityHQ


Discover how to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. Listen as Security HQ’s Security Monitoring & Incident Response Lead discusses why advanced threat analysis and response should be at the top of your IT team’s security priority list. 


Incident Response

"Enabling Rapid Incident Response"

Session Supported by SecurityHQ


It’s time to shout about incident response! Join Security HQ’s CEO and Founder as he discusses the importance of establishing a fast and effective incident response strategy. Maximise protection, minimise impact. 

Network & Cloud

"Examining the Cyber-security Threat Landscape"

Session Supported by Sophos


Success is often defined by your customer base. Protecting critical data and workloads while allowing applications to be readily available for users and customers is the key to success. Join Sophos as we examine the cyber-security threat Landscape and learn how thriving businesses are protecting critical systems with the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem. And how your organisation can add cloud security expertise, not employees, by fusing automated protection and managed services.


Day Three:



Microsoft Azure Sentinel 

"Enable Automated, Integrated Threat Protection"

Session Supported by Microsoft


Stop threats with integrated, automated protection. Discover how to secure your business with security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR).


Microsoft 365 Defender Suite Session

"Discover Microsoft 365's Defender Suite"

Session Supported by Microsoft


Combine protection, investigation, detection and response to email, collaboration, identity, and device threats in this centralised suite. Discover how to take automatic action to prevent attacks and recover affected identities, endpoints, and mailboxes.


Microsoft 365 Data Protection

"Intelligent Data Governance & Protection"

Session Supported by Microsoft 


Safeguard data across clouds, apps, and endpoints by configuring protection and retention labels. Discover how to get build-in protection, unified management, intelligent data, and extensible capabilities to protect your sensitive information and ensure you’re compliant. 




Each session will be recorded. Can't make the date? Sign up below & we'll send you a copy of the recording & resources.



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