F5 Intensive Workshop

The IT landscape is rapidly evolving as enterprises in all verticals face a common set of challenges, including managing public & hybrid cloud, increased pressure from new privacy laws with GDPR, rising Ransomware & DDoS threats and ever higher adoption of mobility within their organisations.

The key to your success in facing these may sit with your F5 infrastructure, which is also rapidly evolving to match. Are you aware of how you can leverage it to respond?

F5 User Masterclass – Practical Insight on Maximising your F5 Technology Investment

Join Bytes & F5 technical experts on Thursday 23rd March at their cutting-edge
International Technology Centre in London for a free intensive F5 Refresher Course.

During this interactive technical workshop Senior Technicians from F5 and Bytes will share their playbook of Best Practice Steps and emerging F5 technologies to meet 2017’s key challenges, ensuring you are aware of all that your F5 infrastructure can achieve.

In this exclusive session for f5 users, gain practical guidance on how to leverage f5 to reduce IT Expenditure, raise security, maximise cloud investments & comply with increasing data legislation.

A hands-on technical look at applying F5 APM, LTM, iSeries, Big IQ & new Herculon technologies to:

* Maximise availability & security of public and hybrid cloud
* Secure & optimise MS applications such as O365, Azure and EMS
* Ensure Compliance with GDPR and other legislation
* Increase Workforce Agility by Securing Mobility
* Secure ALL web traffic including SSL Encrypted traffic
* Protect against rising Ransomware and DDoS attacks

A hearty breakfast and lunch will be provided to give you plenty of fuel for discussions and demos, before networking over drinks and an early finish.

**Just 15 Spaces Available**

To guarantee the quality of each attendees experience and maximise the opportunity to pose your individual questions, just fifteen places are available for this session.

We recommend early registration for this customer only event to avoid disappointment.


F5 International Technology Centre

Thursday 23rd March
9:00am - 3:00pm
30 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1DP


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