21st Century Endpoint Protection

Organisations are facing increasingly complex cyberattacks using previously unseen malware. At the same time we see increased cost and consequence from data breaches due to GDPR.

Bytes are working with Endpoint Protection partner Cylance to provide radically improved endpoint protection using Artificial Intelligence to predict attacks before they execute. Join us as we test this new approach to Endpoint Protection.

Bytes 21st Century Endpoint Protection Workshop – The Metal Box, London
Can Artificial Intelligence Predict & Prevent Zero Day Attacks?

This free workshop will show how businesses can protect endpoints wherever they are, strengthening the weakest links in their cloud strategy. See how effective this new approach to Endpoint protection is at preventing zero day attacks, using minimal resources and incremental cost.

This session tests the AI based endpoint protection of Cylance against live malware in real business scenarios. See how it performs in practice, not on paper

In this session, Bytes and Cylance will:

  • share the secrets of how AI Based Endpoint protection works
  • demonstrate how Cylance deals with Malware using AI technology
  • test Cylance against varied pieces of new malware and targeted attacks
  • compare Cylance performance against that malware with traditional AV vendors

    Understand how Artificial Intelligence works smarter to prevent attacks. See the difference in performance between AI-based endpoint protection, and traditional AV, for yourself.

  • Who should attend?

    Information security specialists & managers responsible for protecting their users and business resources against cybercrime and data breaches.

    Your place is completely free & includes a delicious breakfast & lunch before an early finish.
    Places are limited so register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment


    The Metal Box Factory

    Tuesday 11th April
    9:00am - 1:00pm
    30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS


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