VMware NSX Technical Workshop

Are you interested in understanding the capabilities of VMware’s Network Virtualisation & Security Platform (VMware NSX) and how it can help your business?

If so, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to attend our VMware NSX Workshop on Wednesday 11th April at the 5-Star Hotel Café Royal in Central London. It will be an interactive session demonstrating the capabilities of VMware NSX technology, showing you how to build flexibility & control into your datacentre and multi-cloud environments. Because NSX builds networks in software, you can achieve levels of agility, security, and economics that were previously unreachable with physical networks.

With Security being the primary use case, you’ll learn about the concept of Micro-segmentation (Zero-trust security) within the datacentre, how we work with our ecosystem partners Checkpoint and Trend Micro and integrate with Advanced Security Services, such as IPS or IDS to achieve better security, simplify operations and speed up service delivery.

Hear from the No.1 providers for Hybrid Cloud at The Hotel Café Royal, London on Wednesday 11th April:

  • NSX 101 Technical Overview: An interactive, white-boarding session to introduce the capabilities of NSX
  • NSX 3rd Party integration: Check Point vSEC and Trend Micro Deep Security added comprehensive range of security controls
  • Breakout / Open Discussion / Roundtable: A chance to discuss how VMware NSX might meet the challenges you face in your datacentre
  • Planning Micro-Segmentation with vRealise Network Insight (vRNI): Planning micro-segmentation - giving you better control and visibility over your physical and virtual estate

Based on feedback from our previous NSX workshops, attendees gained the most value when there are members of infrastructure, networking, and security who attend the workshop together. Please do forward the details on to the relevant contacts in your organisation to gain the most from this workshop.

Please complete the registration form below and we will be in touch within the next few days with further details.


Hotel Cafe Royal

Wednesday 11th April
9:00am - 3:00pm
68 Regent St, Soho, London, W1B 4DY

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