Skybox Security Receives Five Stars

Thursday 17th December 2015

Bytes New Partner Skybox Security Receives Five out of Five Stars

The Skybox Enterprise Suite has received a five-star review in SC Magazine's Group Product Tests for Policy and Risk Management.

Enterprise Suite includes five deeply integrated solutions on a common platform, giving CISOs and their team's unparalleled visibility and intelligence across their entire attack surface through modelling, simulation, and analytics. To read the full review please visit Magazine 5 Star Rating.pdf

What is Skybox Enterprise Suite?

The comprehensive Skybox platform gives enterprises the total visibility and analytic-driven intelligence they need to protect their network and fight cyber-attacks fast. Skybox Enterprise Suite automates security management processes that assess, analyse, and remediate risk, bringing response times down from days or longer to hours—even minutes.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

To stay ahead of threats to your network, first you need to see it. Skybox vulnerability and threat management solutions build on our core principal of total network visibility. Their innovative network models go beyond the map and give you a continuous view of your assets, even network devices and other "un-scannables." Combined with threat intelligence from more than 80 different data sources, you'll always know what's at risk even between network scans.

•Skybox Vulnerability Control: Complete vulnerability assessment, automatic prioritisation in your network's context, and recommended remediation actions neutralise emerging threats and keep you secure every day.

•Skybox Threat Manager: Evaluate the latest threat intelligence against the context of your assets, highlight potential business impacts, and automatically prioritise vital threats.

Security Policy Management

With continuous monitoring and visibility, you can take command of your security policy management all from one centralised platform. In one view, see how your security controls work together or leave you exposed. Their automated, integrated solutions ensure firewalls and network devices are effectively configured for security as well as compliance.

•Skybox Network Assurance: Bring your network topology into view, perform end-to-end path analysis, and get answers to connectivity and device configuration questions in seconds.

•Skybox Firewall Assurance: Examine firewall rules and configurations automatically to keep your network secure, optimised, and in compliance with minimal effort.

•Skybox Change Manager: Assess the risk of proposed firewall changes with incorporated vulnerability intelligence and security policy data all in an automated change management workflow.

Looking for More Information?

For further information on Skybox Security and the new Bytes and Skybox partnership please visit

Alternatively you can call the Bytes Security Solutions team on 0845 0750560 or email and an account manager would be happy to explore this new technology with you.

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