Elevate your Cyber Threat Strategy - Unlock XDR

Are you ready to transform your Cyber Threat Detection & Response Strategy?

Introducing XDR, a proactive approach that provides organisations with holistic, flexible and efficient protection against threats.

XDR enables your organisation to achieve

> Increased Visibility & Efficiency

> Real-time Threat Detection & Alerts

> An Integrated Response across Multiple Security Tools

> Incident Priorisation

> Automated Threat Management (automating repetitive tasks and reduce analyst labour)

Join Bytes & Secureworks for a selection of Leading Experts will unpack & discuss how XDR can transform your Cyber strategy.

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Tuesday 5th March
10am - 11am

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> What is XDR (Vs the others EDR, MDR etc)

> How XDR can help Consolidate Tools

> How XDR can provide Stronger Detection and Response,

> How Managed XDR can increase Security Maturity and provide ROI by Outsourcing

> How Bytes can Help: Detailed Next Steps & Available Specialist Consultation Services