GDPR One Year On Workshop

“Big scary” fines aside, everyone is affected by the GDPR in some way or another.

The question now for IT teams is how to deal with GDPR’s main pain points and how to use GDPR to move from compliance to resilience.

How are you dealing with GDPR’s main headaches?
How can you use GDPR to move from data compliance to data resilience?

GDPR can be a springboard to achieve data resilience and strong security, once you learn to deal with its most common Implementation challenges.

Our concise online workshop GDPR A Year on – Lessons Learned (& Still Learning) will show you how.

Join us at 10am on May 22nd with data security experts from Varonis, Forcepoint and Gemalto to explore how to:

  • Take the pain out of Subject Access Requests (SAR’s)
  • Avoid unnecessarily deleting too much data
  • Achieve “right person, right time, right data” security
  • Manage & control data flows - internally, to suppliers and in the cloud
  • Protect data from breaches via strong key management and encryption

Have you done enough to comply with the GDPR? Possibly, possibly not…

We won’t judge you, but the Information Commisioner’s Office might....Join our free online workshop to find out what more you can do to comply & how to make implementing GDPR as pain free as possible.



Online event - Register for the workshop using the form below

Wednesday 22nd May
10:00am - 11:00am


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